• Think Positive... Think Golden Phoenix
    Think Positive... Think Golden Phoenix
  • Feel the Boost of Energy!
    Feel the Boost of Energy!
  • Rise Like a Phoenix
    Rise Like a Phoenix

The Creation of Golden Phoenix

Golden Phoenix was developed in an effort to provide a safe, natural drink for all consumers.  After analyzing another sports drink’s ingredients, we became concerned that their formula doesn’t provide quality nutrition. It was then that we were inspired to create Golden Phoenix in order to supply a super nutritious alternative with a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals.

Our confidence lies with our mother company US-EU inc. which has impeccable expertise in the beverage business since 1927. After consulting with highly experienced physicians we were able to formulate a drink that would meet strict technical requirements.We are proud to say that we have created a refreshing, naturally flavorful line of energy drinks.

For Sports

Anytime you need
a boost of energy
for your activity,
Golden Phoenix’s
rich vitamins and
minerals will push
you through.

For Work

Need an afternoon
boost at work?
Our specially
formulated drinks
will refresh your mind
and you will finish your
day with flying colors!


Golden Phoenix’s
special Vitamins
and Minerals have
that special magic
you need
to restore your
positive attitudes.


When you are struggling
to get through and you
feel like you are falling
back instead of
pressing on,
Golden Phoenix
will rise you up!

Wild Berry

Citrus Mint

Tropical Explosion

Energy Shot

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